Here are some more pictures of Chuck Yeager. The 1st is a signed picture of Chuck standing beside the Excellent(but not ordered by the USAF) Northrop F20 Tigershark. The 2nd is of Chuck in the cockpit of Glamorous Glen III at the Mustags and legends show in Kissimmee, Florida. The 3rd a portrait of Chuck Yeager taken on December 1998.

For all fans of Chuck Yeager, you may be interested to know that Chuck, Bob Hoover and Bud Anderson appeared at "THE GATHERING OF MUSTANGS & LEGENDS" at Kissimmee in Florida on April 7-10 1999.

For further information, visit Mustangops or contact

Angela West, Event Coordinator, Mustang OPS, 3951 Merlin Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34741, USA

Tel (001) 407 846-4051 Fax (001) 407 846-0414 Angela West

If anyone who looks at this page attended the above show, I would be very interested in buying or receiveing any photographs that were taken at the show, especially if they have Chuck, Bob Hoover & Bud Anderson in them.

Take Care


Derek Horne
53 Skibo Court
Dunfermline, FIFE KY12 7EW
United Kingdom

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