Acknowledgements & Thanks

As a private individual I have been humbled by the amount of help and assistance offered to me by various people. This is my way of offering thanks for all their help.

My site has been up and running now since April 1999. In that time it has grown from a small tribute page to what many visitors have told me is a fine web site. Thank you to all you people who have visited the site and sent emails and left messages on my guestbook. The site has now been visited over 19000 times, which to me is just amazing.

I would like to start by thanking General Chuck Yeager who has been the inspiration behind my idea for this website. If it had not been for me reading his wonderful autobiography "YEAGER", I would not have written to him and received the signed photograph which now takes pride of place on my living room wall. That was what spured me into action to create this website. Secondly, I would like to thank TRIPOD for hosting this site for me and giving me all the free space that I need.

The following people I would like to thank have given me so much help in many different ways. This site would not be what it is today without their help.

Contributors & Supporters

Artists Ossie Jones for his wonderful drawings & Gerald Coulson for his wonderful "Yoxford Boys" painting. Graphic Designer Robert Hughes for hiw wonderful logo's. Photograph donations by General Charles E 'Chuck' Yeager, Colonel Clarence E 'Bud' Anderson, Doctor Raymond L Puffer of the AFFTC History Office. Input and advice from Jim Anderson, Cindy Siegfried, Major General Fred J Ascani for items pertaining to Flight Test in general & Chuck Yeager in particular, Bell X-1 aerodynamacist Stanley C Tracz, former 357FG Armourer Hoyt Parmer, Mark Hopkins for his Video CD's and animations, Jos Van Loon for those wonderful Dutch books on Yeager and Erik Scheer for helping me obtain certain artifcats.

Authors Bill Lane & Henry Matthews for their assistance. Webmaster's Ed & Connie Bowlin, Frank Aldridge, Paul Hattersley, Adam Smith at the Museum Of Flight, the Society Of Experimental Test Pilots, The Old Flying Machine Company. Thanks also go out to my partner Debbie, for being so understanding in allowing me so much time on the computer/internet. Thankyou everyone for all your help.

Above is Derek Horne(site owner) with P-51D Detroit Miss(to be re-painted as Bud Anderon's "Old Crow").

Derek Horne

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