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Bell X-1 drawing commissioned by Derek Horne North American X-15 drawing commissioned by Derek Horne Major General Fred J. Ascani flying his F-86H over France. Commissioned by Derek Horne Su-27 Flanker. Commissioned by Paul Hattersley Fairey III-D and Berengaria at Calshot, England

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On the left of this text, you will see some samples of my work. From top to bottom they are, 1)Bell X-1 drawing commissioned by Derek Horne. 2)North American X-15 drawing commissioned by Derek Horne. 3)Major General Fred J. Ascani's F-86H over France Watercolor painting commissioned by Derek Horne. 4) Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Gouache painting commissioned by Paul Hattersley 4) Fairey IIID and Berengaria at Calshot, England, print from a Gouache original. Please feel free to contact me with regard to any commissions that you would like, I will do whatever in any media, from individuals or also for corporate presentation.

Prices range from 18 for A4 pencil sketch to 350 for 700x500mm Watercolour/Gouache. Oil's - Price on application.

A message from Derek Horne

I would like to add that I have so far commissioned 4 original artworks by Ossie Jones of Bell X-1 (A modified image of the X-1 is the background for this page), North American X-15/F104 chase and Dennis F101 fire engine and a Gouache painting of F-86H. All are stunning and take pride of place in my gallery.

Ossie Jones

135 Ashbourne Road
Liverpool L17 9QQ
United Kingdom

Telephone 0151 727 3661 (from UK) or +44 151 727 3661 (outside UK)


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