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Fred J. Ascani

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Chuck with Bud, home from the war. Texas 1945 Chuck & Glamorous Glen III with ground crew, Leiston 1944 Chuck & his first P51-B Mustang Glamorous Glen Rare photograph of Glamorous Glenn II Flight report filed after Chuck's famous ACE IN A DAY flight when he shot down 5 ME-109's on October 12 1944 Photograph of Yoxford Boys painting by Gerald Coulson. The leader is Captain Chuck Yeager in Glamorous glenn III Signed photograph of C E 'Bud Anderson sitting on the wing of Old Crow.  Visit his website and order his great book 'To Fly And Fight' Captain Chuck Yeager in the cockpit of his P-51D. Late 1944. Rare photograph of Chuck in the cockpit of a P-80A at Wright Field Chuck going down the ladder inside B29 to the Bell X1 Chuck with Jack Ridley Bell X-1 mated to B-29 mothership in flight over MUROC Rare photograph of X-1 launch Signed photograph from Chuck Yeager beside Bell X-1 Colour shot of Chuck with the X-1 Colonel albert G Boyd, Chief of flight test Centre Painting by famous aviation artist Mike Machat depicting Chuck Yeager and Bob Hoover on October 14 1947. The day man first flew beyond the Sonic Wall Chuck emerging from X1 cockpit Rare colour shot of the Bell X1 Rare shot of the X-1 in flight. This was taken just after launch and the rocket motor has just been ignited. This is the very first powered flight of the X-1 and has Chalmers H. High definition photograph taken of the X-1 in flight by Bob Hoover. The photograph was taken on October 14th 1947 and Chuck yeager was supersonic at the time High definition photograph of the X-1 in the B-29 bomb bay The Air Force Bell X1 team out celebrating after the successful Sound Barrier flight. From right to left are Jack Ridley, Larry Bell, Chuck Yeager, Dick Frost, Bob Hoover and at far left Bob Cardenas Robert A 'Bob' Hoover, Chuck's backup pilot on the X-1 Famous publicity shot of Chuck beside Glamorous Glennis Ground test of X-1 rocket engine Ground test of X-1 rocket engine X-1 instrument panel Chuck with his Dad & Mom after recieving Collier Trophy from President Truman Chuck and Glennis Yeager, circa 1947 This drawing of the Bell X-1 was done for me by artist Ossie Jones This signed picture was sent to me by General Yeager's secretary. Thanks Cindy This composite image was put together for the AFFTC 50th Anniversary of the first supersonic flight on October 14 1997. Thanks to Jim Anderson for this image
Supported by a team from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the small Air Force X-1 team included from left to right; Lt Edward Swindell (B-29 flight Engineer); Lt Bob Hoover (X-1 backup pilot and chase pilot); Maj Bob Cardenas (officer-in-charge and B-29 drop pilot); Yeager; Dick Frost (Bell X-1 project engineer and chase pilot) and Capt Jackie Ridley (Air Force X-1 project engineer Left to Right, Air Force X-1 pilot's; Capt Chuck Yeager; Maj Gus Lundquist; Capt Jim Fitzgerald Chuck Yeager going from the B-29 to the X-1, 1947 Front page headlines from the Los Angeles Examiner, Monday December 22 1947 Rare photograph of the X-1 just after landing. Rare photograph of the X-1 just after launch. Yeager meets Lt. Gen. Laurence C. 'Bill' Craigie, the Air Forces' first military jet pilot.. 1947 meeting at Muroc with General H.H. 'Hap' Arnold (middle with hat). Chuck Yeager with the Collier Trophy on display at the Flight Test Division at Wright Field Chuck Yeager being presented the McKay Trophy by Air Force Chief of Staff General Hoyt Vandenberg President Harry S. Truman presents Chuck Yeager with the Collier Trophy. FLanked left to right by the NACA's John Stack and Larry Bell

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