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There are two great animation clips of the Bell X-1, one of the Douglas X-3 Stilletto, one of the Northrop X-4 Bantam & one of the Bell X-5 on this page. Click on the colour photographs of the X-1 on either side of the Plan Drawings and Flight Report for the X-1 animations and the X-3, X-4 & X-5 banners below the flight report for these animations. To download the animation's, you need to have a copy of WINZIP, if you don't have this essential piece of software, please click here to go to WINZIP's site and download their free evaluation copy.


WW2 and X-1 era

Fred J. Ascani

Current photographs

Click here to view a great animation of the Bell X1. The aircraft animation shows it yawing. Thanks for the clips Mark Click here to read the flight report for Yeager's supersonic flight View the plan drawing for the Bell X-1 Color isometric cutaway of the X-1 View the cutaway drawing for the Bell X-1 Click here to view another great animation of the Bell X1. This time the aircraft rolls. Thanks for the clips Mark

Movie animation of the Douglas X-3 Stilletto. Thanks for the clips Mark Movie animation of the Northrop X-4 Bantam. Thanks for the clips Mark Movie animation of the Bell X-5. Thanks for the clips Mark

Other X-Plane Photographs

This is the data trace from Chuck's record breaking flight in the Bell X-1A from Dec 12 1953, check out the altitude v time decent! Chuck with Maj Arthur 'Kit' Murray after their record breaking flights in the Bell X1A Bell X-1A in flight with all Rocket chamber's burning Chuck with Major Arthur 'Kit' Murray The X-1A in flight Bell X-1A with Yeager and all personnel and vehicles normally involved with each flight Color Photograph of the Bell X-1A Larry Bell congratulates Chuck after his Mach 2.5 flight in the X-1A. Larry Bell and Chuck. Yeager with the convair XF-92A. Douglas X-3 Stilletto Chuck with Douglas X-3 Stilletto Douglas X-3 Stilletto Northrop X-4 Bantam Bell X-5, the worlds first variable wing geometry aircraft

1950's & 60's Photographs

Portrait of Chuck from the 1950's Chuck with F-100 Super Sabre Chuck in cockpit of F-104 Colonel Yeager during his tenure as Commandant of the Aerospace Research Pilot School (ARPS), circa 1963 Major Chuck Yeager F86 at Edwards AFB 1953 Chuck Yeager, Fred J. Ascani & Jack Ridley Chuck with lifting body M2-F1

The Lockheed NF104, in which Chuck suffered terrible burns as a result of bailing out with a full preasure suit on. Yeager in pressure suit ready for an NF-104 flight. Another shot of Chuck Yeager in pressure suit ready for an NF-104 flight. Close up photograph of Rocket Engine in the NF-104A. Chuck Yeager in the cockpit ready to taxi in the NF-104. NF-104A with Rocket burning, zooming up to the stratosphere.

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